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Often in the designing of kitchens, problems seem to appear everywhere!

Whether it is in the organizational ergonomics or the design of a kitchen – they both cause unnecessary headaches for you. Using the forefront of design-ware, we design your kitchen WITH you. Therefore it is OUR  mission to create a practical and beautiful kitchen you will LOVE for years to come.

With 42 years of experience, we produce furniture that reflects your lifestyle

Our carpentry is prepared with great care by our master.

We make custom Carpentry designs for you.

We plan the living spaces of your house together with 3D image.

Line Sketches:
No more wondering what you are being quoted for. Here at Montana we include a full view of 3D line sketches with your quotation.

3D Render: 
After your approval & acceptance of the quotation, we start with your colour rendered sketches. These sketches illustrate your final product on a piece of paper – a photo like result!

Final Product:
Not only do we design and style your home furniture, we also use our innovative methods developing boldly, distinguishing products that suit your home and lifestyle.